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Real Estate in Toronto, Canada, Nationwide & Globally

Global Villas & Luxury Real Estate

At GlobalVillas, we offer the best in premium real estate to our clients. Our service specializes in providing advertising, rental, and sales of luxury properties across the world. Allow us to help you find the perfect home or even the perfect rental home. With our selection of global villas and luxury real estate, we have something for the most extravagant of home owners.


Property Advertising

In addition to offering help with the rental, buying, and sales of property, we also allow home owners to advertise their homes to a global market. We understand that the best market is a broad one. For a small fee, you have access to the wide market of clients looking for a vacation home or even a home to relocate to in a new and exciting neighborhood.


For more information on the premium real estate available, contact GlobalVillas in Toronto, Ontario.

About Us

View the gorgeous real estate listings across the world with help from the staff at GlobalVillas in Toronto, Ontario. With more than 40 years of experience, our staff provides property seekers with an alternative to searching for luxury villas. Available for properties all over the world, we specialize in advertising, rental, and sale of luxury properties.

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